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A sore neck can do more than just cause pain and discomfort, being able to affect your ability to concentrate throughout the day and get to sleep at night. Around 30% of people reported neck pain in 2010, with that number rising in correlation with

Have you tried running just for fun, training for marathon or races, and feeling good? Running is a form of exercise that has lots of benefits for the body. Many people run today, and you will discover that their bodies tend to be physically fit. However,

The physical and mental demands of sports vary depending on which sport you’re playing. While it is expected for sportsmen to experience fatigue in their respective fields, not all of them undergo the same treatments. Some go for adrenal fatigue treatment in Salt Lake City or Brooklyn

Contrary to popular belief, aging doesn’t have to mean an aching back. In a systematic review, this health issue could be more severe while you’re still young. The pain could also decrease as you age unless it’s already severe in the first place. This information matters not only

Playtime is a necessary and natural part of growing up. Yet, playtime is in short supply these days and children are stuck indoors more than ever, spending half the time their parents did playing outside. This is taking a major toll on their health, cognitive functions,

When you’re about to take an important test or start the first day at a new job, you’ll likely feel those nervous butterflies in your stomach. Unfortunately, over 40 million American adults have that feeling all the time, making anxiety the most common mental illness in the